5 Advantages of Living by Yourself

When you rent a place by yourself, there’s no need to worry about the many troubles that can come with having a roommate. Your place is your place. That means you set the rules, style, and well, just about everything. Here is a look at some of the pros of renting solo.

The Decoration

When you’re on your own, you’re free to put as much or as little work into making the place look as nice as you want. Paint the walls neon colors; or don’t! Hang tapestries and paintings on every wall, have so many plants that your place looks like a greenhouse, it’s all up to you! It’s not only about the amount of décor, either. With roommates, styles can clash. You might like floral while she likes stripes; he likes muted colors while you have a thing for pastels. You have total creative control over what the place looks like. Even little things like the lighting and counter top arrangements are your call.

“Messy” Situations

Sometimes roommates can be messy. Excessively messy. And it might be alright if they kept it to their rooms, but general a slob’s mess spills out into the rest of the area. It’s something that can either cause conflict, or take up your time and energy because you always have to clean up after them. Without any roommates, any mess there is will at least only be caused by you, while some people are on the other end of the spectrum. They have a mess, and they like their mess how and where it is. If that sounds like you, then there won’t be any roommates to pick up after you, thus destroying the balance of your perfect mess.

A Good Chance to Learn

Living on your own is also a great time to learn valuable life skills that you may not have had you chosen to get a place with someone else. A lot of times, different roommates are good at different things, and as such are delegated those tasks. If you’ve always lived with a foodie that cooked all the time, living on your own is a good chance to learn to cook. Or maybe you can cook, but never were the one that went to the grocery and bought the food. While it may sound easy, grocery shopping can be something of an art form. Regardless, living on your own is a great way to force yourself into learning all the life skills you need to, well, make it on your own.

Bills and Budgets

Whether you live alone or with roommates, the rent is still going to need to be paid every month. But if you haven’t lived on your own before, you might not be used to paying all the bills involved with a whole house or apartment. If you’ve divided them up among roommates before, keeping track of all of them yourself is quite a bit more complicated. It’s worth it though—it teaches good organization and planning, as well as budgeting. Another good thing is that since you live by yourself, you have more control over what the budget for the bills needs to be. Don’t want to crank the heat so high? No worries, just turn it down and no one will complain.


While some like it more than others, everyone needs some alone time. One thing that can be said for solitude though, is it gives you time to think and work. Whether bothersome distractions or fun ones, roommates will definitely take time from your schedule in some way or another that could be used for more productive means. If you do want to have some company, you can always invite someone over. But without a roommate permanently there you have solitude and focus when you need it.